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Disc Guide

Hello and Welcome to Jindy Disc Golf Shop. If you've made your way to the disc guide, you must be new to Disc Golf. You might be finding it hard to choose a disc or have no idea what those four numbers are on the disc so I'll run through what all that means. One thing to know about discs are that there are lots of variables that can effect their flight. Molds (flight statistics), plastic type, and how much it has been used are the biggest factors.

Flight numbers/statistics are the four numbers that describe how the disc will fly. 

The first number is the Speed, which determines how fast it travels through the air. Speed ranges from 1/14.

The second number is the Glide, which is the ability to maintain loft during flight. Low glide discs are good for windy conditions. Glide ranges from 1/7.

The third number is the Turn, which is the amount of stability at high speed. When a disc that has -5 turn is thrown flat RHBH it will to flip over to the right and roll. When a disc that has a +1 turn is thrown flat RHBH it will go straight then fade to the left with no chance of flipping over. Turn ranges from +1/-5

The last number is the  Fade, which is the last part for the flight. A disc with 5 fade will want to dive into the ground at the end of its flight which can be good for skip shots and spike hyzers. A disc with no fade will finish flatter. Fade ranges from 0-5.

So to summarise:

Speed: 1/14

Glide :1/7

Turn: +1/-5

Fade: 0/5

Next up is Plastic Types. Every disc golf manufacturer have their own blends of plastic and most can be compared. For specific brand plastics check out their website for more information. 

There is a base line plastic which is the cheapest and is the least durable when impacting trees and rocks. It is a great type for beginners that are going to be playing on easier courses with more open areas.  

There is different types of premium plastic blends. The clear plastic is the most durable and the solid discs are almost as durable but has more grip.

There is also glow in the dark and lightweight blends. 

To summarise, if you want to check out what disc golf is all about one of the disc golf starter sets would be great. If you want to just get one disc I would recommend a midrange then expand from there. 

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